• Surgical and Non-Surgical options

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement – for men and women

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement can restore your hair to any desired density and style, and is ideal for men and women who are in the advanced stages of baldness or thinning. Non-surgical hair replacement is currently the most popular hair replacement technique used throughout the world as it is completely undetectable, affordable and surgery free.

Our non-surgical hair replacement technique offers a premanent solution to hair loss which involves the most advanced non-surgical follicle grafting system and the blending of high qulaity human hair to the balding or thinning area of the scalp.

Drawing on years of experience in the hair replacement industry and the active involvement in the development of these new non-surgical techniques, our specialists and technicians will work with you to achieve your desired result.

These new non-surgical techniques can be performed gradually over any desired period of time therefore the hair replacement process can be integrated slowly, giving the appearance that the hair is returning naturally.

Non-surgical hair replacement does not restrict normal daily activities and is completely undectable with no surgery required and no side effects.

No matter how far your hair loss has progressed there is a simple solution available to you. A Hair Health Check today will determine the right procedure for you.

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Surgical transplantation – for men and women

Hair Health Australia offers the latest in scientifically proven transplantation procedures and techniques for men and women.

Our doctor and his team of experienced Hair Transplant technicians specialise exclusively in the practice of surgical hair restoration and are committed to delivering high quality service with long term results. The doctor will listen to your wishes and ideas, take them into account, and make suggestions. The procedure will not move forward until you feel completely satisfied with the approach you and your doctor have agreed upon.

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