Hair Loss Treatment for Females

New Hair Loss Treatment  – Combination Therapy

  • Customised hair regrowth treatments for women at all stages of hair loss.
  • Know your results upfront!!
  • 100% Guaranteed results.

Hair loss in women is extremely common, however it is not often we hear about women having hair loss problems as this is a subject women tend to avoid discussing. It can significantly affect a women’s quality of life, confidence, relationships and many other aspects.

Hair Health Australia’s new hair loss treatment Combination Therapy™ now enables us to regrow more natural hair than ever before, even in the advanced stages of hair loss, maximising each individuals potential regrowth. This means that even if you have previously tried to regrow your hair using other hair loss treatments with limited success, Combination Therapy™ can now help.

No other clinically proven hair loss treatment is more effective in reversing or halting hair loss and regrowing more hair naturally.

Know your results upfront!!

To quickly and easily identify your suitablility for hair regrowth treatment and to know what results can be achieved for you before starting any hair loss treatment a Hair Health Check with one of our specialists is essential. Diagnosis of the reason for your hair loss relies on details of your medical history and a visual exploratory of your hair and scalp with our microscopic equipment. The hair regrowth results that can be achieved for you with new Combination Therapy™ will be established in your initial Hair Health Check.

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What causes female hair loss?

Female hair loss can be complicated in its causes and treatment and it is common for there to be more than one cause, e.g. emotional stress, trauma, polygenetic, scalp disease, skin disease, thyroid disease, recent surgery, autoimmune disease, iron deficiency, drugs, hormone imbalance and recent childbirth, just to mention a few.

40% of hair loss cases in women are due to a genetic condition called Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), commonly known as ‘Female Pattern Hair Loss’. AGA starts with the hair thinning gradually, often slowly over long periods of time around the top frontal area and extending back to the crown.

In AGA cases the hair falls out and regrows again, but unfortunately each time the new hair grows it does so thinner, shorter, and with less pigmentation (loss of colour). Over time these new hairs become so small that they are no longer visible. This process is referred to as miniaturisation (as shown in the diagram below).

What can be done?

Hair loss treatment to recover hair follicles is only possible for hair follicles in the miniaturisation stage. These treatable hair follicles are referred to as active follicles. A Hair Health Check can establish the number of active follicles you have available to regrow prior to the commencement of any hair loss treatment.

A lot of time and money can be spent by individuals searching for hair loss treatments and trying different hair regrowth products with limited or no result simply because the reason for the hair loss was not correctly diagnosed, nor was it established if hair regrowth was even possible.

Unlike male hair loss which is a result of one hormone, female hair loss may be attributed to over 30 different hormones. As a result, our comprehensive treatment – Combination Therapy™ is even more personalised with our female clients.

If you are suitable for hair regrowth treatment you will receive a 100% Guarantee.

All of the hair loss treatments including the new Combination Therapy™ , contribute to the normalisation of the hair growth cycle and the reversal of the hair loss process.

Know your results upfront!!

The earlier we can complete a Hair Health Check, the better the results we can achieve. A specialist will be able to establish your hair regrowth results prior to treatment.

For a free clinical diagnosis, book a “Hair Health Check” today – your nearest Hair Health Australia is our hair loss Clinic Sydney. Call 1800 908 898, or (02) 9319 0051; or simply fill in your details and one of our hair loss specialist will call you.

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