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Hair Health Australia’s Hair Loss Clinic Sydney offers straight-forward and effective hair regrowth treatments for all hair loss conditions in men and women. 

We use the latest hair loss treatments to effectively treat and maximise hair regrowth at an affordable price.

We understand that hair loss can be quite confronting, so our specialists and experienced staff treat you as an individual, and customise our treatments to best suit you.

All of our hair regrowth treatments are convenient and designed to suit any lifestyle, no matter how busy.

It is our mission to ensure that you are educated on your particular type of condition and have a full understanding of how the recommended hair loss treatment will work to achieve maximum hair regrowth.

The specialists at our hair loss clinic Sydney will therefore only recommend clinically proven treatments, which are effective in halting hair loss and maximising your own potential hair regrowth.

Plus, our online ordering option means you can quickly and easily order products to your door. 


“Hair Health Australia were amazing. The Hair Health Check took all the second guessing out and the results were so quick.” Sean, 26

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There are many reasons as to why you may be experiencing hair loss; for example hereditary male and female pattern hair loss, stress, medications, hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiency, as well as a range of other less common causes.

Before we can recommend the best hair loss treatment for you, we conduct our unique Hair Health Check.

Our Hair Health Check will clinically diagnose the type of hair loss affecting you, and establish the number of active hair follicles you have available to regrow prior to the commencement of any hair loss treatment.

Call our hair loss clinic Sydney today to book a Free “Hair Health Check” on 1800 908 898 or (02) 93190051 or simply fill in your details to the top right of this screen to have one of our specialist call you. 




Hair Health Australia is a male and female hair loss clinic which offers effective hair regrowth treatments for all individuals at any stage of the hair loss cycle – even those in more progressed stages.

Our new hair loss treatment “Combination Therapy™” enables you to regrow more of your own natural hair than ever before. This means that even if you have previously tried to regrow your hair using other hair regrowth treatments with limited success, “Combination Therapy™” can now help.

No other clinically proven treatment is more effective in maximising new hair growth, and reversing and halting hair loss.

Hair regrowth treatment is fast, effective, easy and affordable.  See some of our amazing results from our hair loss clinic Sydney below: